ML Novator

e-Commerce Solution with Advanced Automation

ML Novator develops, manufactures and integrates IT hardware for organisations. Their online shop provides high-end computer hardware allowing customers to uniquely configure products themselves.

Key development points:

  • Development from ground-up on Magento CE
  • Automated component import and product creation
  • Custom 'include & exclude' functionality layers
  • Automatic component cross-compatibility
  • Advanced automated shipping options

Technologies used:

  • PHP5, JavaScript, CSS3
  • Magento CE
  • WordPress
  • Axapta
  • Advanced Configuration Module
  • Other custom modules
  • 3rd party integrations
  • Git
  • Capistrano

Automation & Intelligence

The site looks like any regular e-commerce site with configurable products but packs complex product management abilities with novel solutions and custom functionality. One of the most challenging projects we have built in a while!

Automated component import and product creation

All products are bundled, consisting of smaller components like cables, screws etc. Daily automated imports for components are made from completely separate warehouse systems. Additional information is attached (images, descriptions, support info etc); they are gathered by type ( processor, memory etc); and grouped into categories (hardware, software etc). Bundle products are then created in Magento, and main components are defined. Finally, all components are associated with specific products and displayed as configurable options in the front-end.

Custom Functionality Layers

To further automate the system, a new layer of 'include and exclude rules' was created, to enable attaching some components to others with no visibility in the front-end. For example, a person will never see details of wiring for specific hard drives and associated parts are added and removed automatically. All separate details are still visible to the merchant to generate warehouse details and prices.

Automatic Component Cross-Compatibility

Component cross-compatibility is automatically assured by defining rules in admin, enabling customers to always combine the right types of products. At the same time, the merchant will still get a neat picking list of ALL components ordered and just needs to assemble it on arrival.

Advanced Automated Shipping Options

Our custom shipping solution enables clients to choose an exact time and date for delivery. Time required to gather components and assemble the end-product is calculated automatically. After an order is placed, a delivery is booked in the shipping service system, also automatically.


Quickmage is a high availability and decentralized hybrid cloud management platform based on sophisticated proprietary machine learning algorithms that makes application production much more coherent, synoptic, efficient and affordable. Quickmage platform is supported by European Regional Development Fund in the sum of 57 600 EUR (5.01.2017 - 31.07.2017).